About The Images

CELESTE is the flagship genre of the Astraveo product line. Featuring some the most visually stunning celestial objects in the known Universe, professionally imaged on the world's most advanced optical telescopes, CELESTE offers one of the most unique and authentic ways to capture the breathtaking majesty of the cosmos on a human scale.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." And yet, too often astrophysical images are corrupted, their colors changed to make them more striking or attention-grabbing. Too often, the beautiful reality of an image--the awe that comes with knowing that this is how that thing looks--is sacrificed forever in the effort to make the flashiest image possible. CELESTE is a shift away from this--and a step in the right direction. Our astronomers pour hundreds of person-hours into ensuring the image as it looks on your wall is as close to reality as is physically possible. 

Every step of the process is painstakingly and carefully conducted to ensure the integrity of the final result. The most sensitive telescopes in the world, on the highest, coldest peaks, super-resolve the source in three separate filters. Each image is individually processed and the colors and light curves of visible objects are compared to known distances and luminosities to ensure accurate color reproduction. Our astronomers work with leading canvas manufacturing experts to optimize the process of printing the vibrancy and range captured in the images. High-quality fabrics and premium inks are used to ensure no corners are cut in the finished product. Mounted on strong, durable wood, all canvases are carefully prepared to eliminate degradation from light and exposure to fingerprints. 

Thanks to the seamless integration of cutting-edge astrophysical imaging techniques with the most advanced canvas printing technology commercially available, we've been able to truly capture the scale of these celestial objects with our custom-made six-foot-long canvases. No longer will you just take in the majesty of nebula, globular clusters, and galaxies--now, you can lose yourself in them, in the ultimate form of wall-art immersion.